Custom Magnetics, Inc.

About Custom Magnetics, Inc.

Founded in 1974 by Kirti P. Shah, Custom Magnetics, Inc. manufactures custom-designed transformers and coils for the electrical/electronics industries. Custom Magnetics produces products for a wide range of applications including audio amplifiers, intercoms, voice and music reproduction equipment, power supplies, test and measurement instruments, telephone communication networks, transducers for power measurements, lighting systems, industrial controls, etc. Many types of transformers are produced including laminated, toroidal, ferrite cores of all shapes and sizes, and R-Core.

Custom Magnetics enjoys approximately 40,000 square feet of air-conditioned production and office space at its main facility in North Manchester, Indiana. Manufacturing equipment used in the various processes includes multiple layer winders, high speed bobbin and toroidal winders, R-Core winders, automatic lamination stacking machines, vacuum impregnation tanks, baking ovens, and computerized test equipment. The North Manchester facility is capable of producing 50/60/400 Hz transformers up to 1,000 VA and ferrite transformers for frequencies up to 250,000 Hertz.

An ISO 9001 certified company, Custom Magnetics has built its reputation on engineering expertise and a commitment to quality. A well-trained workforce of approximately 45 is capable of fast delivery of small to large volume orders from the North Manchester facility.

During the 1990's, Custom Magnetics began developing higher volume production capabilities with its joint venture partner in Baroda, India. Over the years, CMI-India has proven to be a reliable partner with the ability to produce large volume orders at low cost. CMI-India also exports large oil filled distribution transformers up to 2000 KVA size.

In 2002, Custom Magnetics further strengthened its production capabilities with the acquisition of James Electronics located in Chicago, Illinois. The James Electronics Division, operating for over 50 years, is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications transformers and power supplies.

James Electronics

James Electronics, established over 50 years ago, is located in Chicago, Illinois. In 1972 James Electronics entered the telecommunication transformer and power supply business which has become the key focus of the company ever since. Custom Magnetics, a custom transformer manufacturer located in North Manchester, Indiana, acquired James Electronics in July 2002.

James Electronics employs a solid base of approximately 25 employees, including 2 graduate engineers. The 9,000 sq-ft production facility operates under quality assurance systems established to meet the world class standards of its customers. James Electronics utilizes state of the art manufacturing equipment including computer controlled multiple head winding machines, automatic soldering, and computerized test equipment. These precision machines insure quality and cost effective manufacturing.

Today, James Electronics provides it customers with responsive customer service, innovative engineering, and a modern manufacturing facility. With the belief that quality and performance are the final criteria for success, James Electronics continues to grow and broaden its customer base.


The parent company of CMI-India began operations in 1987. Through technical collaboration with the Japanese, the company quickly became a leading manufacturer of R-Core transformers. With the help of Custom Magnetics, Inc., its joint venture partner in the US, CMI-India has expanded its product range to include ferrite transformers, EI laminated transformers, and toroidal transformers.

The manufacturing facility, approximately 50,000 square feet, is located in Baroda, India. CMI-India has continuously added and upgraded its technological capabilities in order to stay tuned to the demands of the international marketplace. Manufacturing equipment includes multi-spindle winders, high speed bobbin and toroidal winders, R-Core winders, automatic soldering machines, lamination stacking machines, vacuum impregnation tanks, baking ovens, and computerized test equipment.

CMI-India, a division of an ISO 9002 certified company, employs a talented workforce of approximately 300. These motivated employees are supported by a number of on-site electrical, electronics, and mechanical engineers. The company is focused on producing medium to large volume orders for export as well as domestic use.