Custom Magnetics, Inc.

Custom Designed & Manufactured High Voltage Transformer for the Electrostatic Painting Industry

Custom Magnetics, Inc. provides high quality custom-designed transformers and coils, from one-piece prototypes to high-volume production runs. When a client in the electrostatic painting industry required a high voltage transformer, our team of experts was pleased to take on the job. Our customer was having a serious failure rate with their current transformers. The engineers at Custom Magnetics are experienced in solving high voltage problems, and were able to design a high voltage transformer in a small package without short-out problems. Using triple insulated magnet wire and soft epoxy, our machinists fabricated transformers that measured 1.25" x .75" each. A variety of tests were done to ensure exceptional performance, including voltage under load conditions, DC resistance, and inductance testing. The finished transformers now have a life expectancy in excess of three years, and carry a warranty for this new longevity. This has dramatically improved customer sales, resulting in the manufacture of 200 of these transformers per month for our client in Indiana.

To learn more about this high voltage transformer project, please take a look at the chart below, or contact us directly.

High Voltage Transformer Project Highlights

Project Name
High Voltage Transformer
Project Description
This high voltage transformer is used within electrostatic painting.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Design - Eight Section Bobbin
Vacuum Impregnation
Design Requirement
Supply high voltage without the wire shorting out in a small package.
Overall Part Dimensions
1.25 in x 0.75 in
Material Used
Triple Insulated Magnet Wire
Soft Epoxy
  • The life expectancy of the units is now in excess of three years.
  • Customer sales have improved drastically with a three year warranty on their products.
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Voltage Under Load Conditions, DC Resistance, Inductance
Industry for Use
Electrostatic Painting
200 pcs/month
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4-8 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications