Custom Magnetics, Inc.

Custom R-Core Transformers for Electronic/Magnetic Measuring Equipment & Audio Amplifiers

We provide an expansive variety of custom designed transformers here at Custom Magnetics, Inc. Our work comes backed by nearly 40 years in the business. When a customer in the measuring equipment / audio amplifier industry needed an improvement in their current El laminated transformers, we were pleased to take on the project. Our client was not satisfied with the stray field around their current El laminated transformers, and a toroidal design to replace the El construction unit was too expensive. Our engineers recommended R-Core transformers. With a unique design that includes a small, thin, light size and a high efficiency core, these transformers offer low leakage flux emission and low exciting current. These transformers reduce stray fields in high quality amplifiers, and feature easy bracket mounting. Moreover, we could produce the R-Core units in volume at our facility in India, which further reduce the cost of the units. Our customer accepted these transformers for all the benefits they provide. By switching to R-Core transformers, we were able to fulfill all of our customer's requirements and reduce costs at the same time.

To learn about our custom R-Core transformer options, review our R-Core dimensions. For more about this project, please take a look at the following chart or contact us directly.

R-Core Transformers Project Highlights

Project Name
R-Core Transformers
Project Description
These r-core transformers are used in electronic/magnetic measuring equipment and audio amplifiers.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Design - R-Core Construction
Vacuum Impregnation
Overall Part Dimensions
Varies Depending on the VA Rating
  • The added benefit of easy bracket mounting of the R-Core unit.
  • R-Core unit in volume will be produced at our facility in India to further reduce the cost of the unit.
  • R-Core is very helpful in reducing stray fields in high quality amplifiers
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
DC Resistance, Open Circuit Voltage, Dielectric Testing, Load Testing, Exciting Current, Core Loss
Industry for Use
Electronic/Magnetic Measuring Equipment
Audio Amplifiers
Prototype to High Volume Production Runs
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications