Custom Magnetics, Inc.

Design & Development of Ignition Coils for the Industrial Engine Industry

Since 1974, Custom Magnetics, Inc. has manufactured custom designed coils of exceptional quality. We were contacted when a client in the industrial engine industry required rugged and sturdy ignition coils for a nuclear installation. The customer needed a forty year mean time between failures. Our team of experts was able to design coils with a high level of endurance. We were able to deliver products that fulfilled our client's exact requirements, from the design and product development stage to the manufacturing of molded coils in our heated vacuum oven. Our engineers were also able to help design the secondary operations to complete the unit. When completed, each coil measured 3" x 1.75", and was subjected to a number of tests and inspections for quality. We currently produce 500 to 5000 of these coils per year for our customer, who has experienced zero field failures thus far in using our product.

To learn more about this custom ignition coil project, please take a look at the following table or contact us directly.

Ignition Coils Project Highlights

Project Name
Ignition Coils
Project Description
These ignition coils are used in a nuclear installation.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Design/Product Development - Split Molds
Molded Coils - Heated Vacuum Oven
Post Curing
Overnight Encapsulating
Design Requirement
Customer needed a forty year mean time between failures. (MTBF)
Overall Part Dimensions
3.0 in x 1.75 in
Material Used
Oven Cure Epoxy
Customer has experienced zero field failures using this method to produce their high voltage coils.
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Open Circuit Voltage Measurement, DC Resistance, Hi-Pot Testing
Industry for Use
Industrial Engine
500-5000 per year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4-8 weeks
Standards Met
Customer Specifications