Custom Designed Transformers & Coils

Founded in 1974, we offer state-of-the-art manufacturing and test equipment.

Precision & Pride
Precision & Pride

Custom Magnetics, Inc. manufactures custom-designed transformers and coils for the electrical/electronics industries. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Custom Magnetics has built its reputation on engineering expertise and a commitment to quality.

Custom Transformer Design

We design and manufacture laminated, toroidal, ferrite core, and R-core transformers.

Custom Coil Design

We provide custom wound electrical coils that fit your individual application requirements.

Other Custom Design

Custom Magnetics has resources and experience to help find solutions to a variety of problems.

Custom R-Core Transformer

The innovation R-Core Transformer is the latest choice for many mid- to high-end applications.

Custom R-Core Transformer
Our Capabilities

Custom Magnetics designs products for use in applications such as audio amplifiers, intercoms, voice & music reproduction equipment, test/measurement instruments, telephone communication networks, transducers, lighting systems & industrial controls.